From: Chris Grantham (
Date: 12/25/96

 Raven wrote:
> i need help!
Don't we all.

> how can i shut the mud down from inside the system NOT THE MUD...
Okay, first off, this is an OS thing. If you're going to ask system
related question, include your system's name.

If it's Windoze, close the window. If it's HPUX or Linux there are 2
ways. 1st.. hit CTRL-C while looking at the bin/circle or ./autorun
display. 2nd do a 'ps' and then kill '[circle's proccess ID]'.

> and how do i delete the player files  with out automaint
Automaint doesn't delete the pfile.. it performs maint. on it. Sounds
stupid, but to delete the players file delete the players file

> please respond asap
> thansk

Chris Grantham

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