Re: [Ansi] Greeting

From: Brian Guilbault (
Date: 12/25/96

> and the menu set, how are is it to display color codes in that?
>  i have tried including screen.h and color.c but it doesnt seem to
> reconize the coding for my color?

You can do this quick and dirty by sending the actual ANSi escape
sequences in the text. Look in your screen.h file for the exact strings
but they are those "X[\" thingies. If you put those in the text before
the string you want to color, then put the "normal" one in after, you
will color the string. I do this in my greeting right there in config.c.
The one drawback is that not everyone can see the color and in
some cases get some weird characters on their terminal. This could
be elimanted with auto terminal detection of something fancy like that,
but I just let it go. The number of people who can't see the color is
minimal, and even then, it's only one screen.

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