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From: Demetrius A. Comes (
Date: 12/25/96

I have been thinking about the same thing.
I would have to agree on #3 for the mobs.  But for player a combination of DEX and STR.  Maybe a % of their max wieght allowance.  So therefore a stronger person still get the advantages of being stronger and weaker the reverse.
I maybe able to help out with code let me know.

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Subject:   Best method for Multiple Attacks

could offer any insight. I've come up with a few ways of doing it. I
already can do the code, I just need to decide on a method.

1: Skills for second_attack, third_attack, fourth_attack checked on
preform_violence against a %. Maybe add a +/- % every time so the are not
guarenteed the full set of attacks every time.
2: A calculation  based on their DEX, Level, optionally weapon weight.
Heavier weapon does more damage but is slower on the swing. I like this

1: Set a second_attack, third_attack, fourth_attack flag on the mob. This
would work but I'm not sure if this is how I want to do it.
2: Calculation based on dex and level. How to make some mobs get more/less
hits per level?
3: A speed variable in mob_special_data which is what I'm trying right
now. Table of speed 0 = 1 attack. 1 = 20% of second attack. 2 = 50% of
third.. 4 = 85%max of 2nd, 20% of 3rd.

	I kind of like 3, because it lets you customize the mob on how
fast you want it to be. However, I'm unsure how to create a big table of
all the %20, %50, etc. Besides huge if branches. 

	I'd look forward to any suggestions, advice, or code :)  I'm not
looking for patches, I just want some idea's on the Best way to go about
multiple attacks for players and mobs. Perhaps you can tell me how your
mud does it. Thanks for any help.

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