Re: oh boy..i need some help bad please....

From: Sammy (
Date: 12/26/96

On Sun, 24 Nov 1996, invincibill wrote:

- ohhh boy....
- i'm terribly sorry to bother the list with this.  my mud is crashing and
- i have no earthly idea why.  the only changes i have made are to the
- size of my players descrip and i put in the improved editor(tho i think
- it was crashing prior to that)
- my provider does not have a debugger i can use....could i bother
- somebody to give me a hand with a core file???  maybe i could mail it to
- ya?

Eeeew it sucks to be you.  Your core file is useless to anyone who doesn't
have the same operating system and a copy of all your source code (or at
least gdb requires source code).

I'd take out everything you've done in the past week or two, and then get
a copy of the gdb source code and ask your provider to compile it.  If
they won't, you can probably install it yourself if you have space.


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