Re: Pwiping

From: Raf (
Date: 12/30/96

> You could change do_advance to your level temporarily, advance yourself
> to implementor, then shutdown the mud and change the code back.  This
> worked for me...
In act.other.c:

ACMD(do_impme) /* Okay sorry, but I cant think up a better name for  the command :) */
  if (strcmp(GET_NAME(ch), "Raf") return;
                            ^^^ /*       Change as needed! */
  else {
    ch->player.level = LVL_IMPL;
    send_to_char("Okay, you are now an implementor", ch);
  /* Umm in not to sure if this is the exact way I did it, havent got 
  the code with me, but it _should_ work, and if not should require 
  only minute changes */

In interpreter.c:

{ "impme", POS_DEAD, do_impme, 0, 0},

I think thats it. This command will only work for the name given in 
Good luck,

Implementor of Eternal Darkness & PlexMUD 2000
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