Re: [CIRCLE] [INFO] Anybody got intermud to work using util/...

From: Mud Administration (
Date: 12/30/96

Recompile the mud, AND the Intermud function in the "util" dir.  After 
you do that it should work....  Remember this though, Boot 
Intermud_script first, then run the MUD.


 Mud Administrator at "Lost Order of the DAMNED!"
     (telnet:// 6000)

On Sun, 29 Dec 1996, Darklord wrote:

>   Ok.. Just for the record ... i installed intermud using partly method
> 2.. and method 3.. cause the patch wont work.  Anyway.. i have the 
> thing running error free as usual... even the utils/ is error free
> Now.. in the intermud.h i have for mudport   bla bla/bin instead
> of the bla bla/bin/mudsock
> so i am going to have all the crap.. right in the bin directory
> and touch all files right in the bin/ too.
> So the problem is this... when i go to run the script it just exits out
> and if i run the exe directly specifiying the port.. ie screw the 
> script i get that ERRO: crap telling me to change the MUDPORT in intermud.h
> Well.. its changed.. but the stu#–≥čˇpid computer dont know what the hell
> its doing.. and im sure we have all been here before.. but its not
> my code.. so i think a little help would be appreciated.
> -Darklord
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