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From: Dragon MUD Administration (
Date: 12/30/96

You will need more than the email address.  Find out either the address
of the machine which the account is on.  It might be (i.e.
the last part of the email).  Telnet to that machine and log in with
your userid and password.  Next, ftp to  Change to
directory /pub/CircleMUD/3.x.  Get the file circle30bpl11.tar.gz.  When
it is downloaded, type gzip -dc circle30bpl11.tar.gz | tar xvf -....this
will decompress the file. 

Next, cd circle30bpl11 and type ./configure.  This will take about a

Once configure is done, cd src and type make all.  Your mud will
compile.  When it's done, cd .. and autorun & (or sh autorun & on some
os's).  Your mud will boot on port 4000.  You may get a bunch of crap
about trying to move syslogs.  You can deal with this in three ways:

1. Start and kill the script about six times.
2. Let it go through the whole process...this takes about 30 min.
3. Just remove the lines about moving the syslog from autorun...not
recommended.  If you do this, put them back the second time you boot.

A lot of this is in the sure to look at it before you get
started.  If you're running on a Windows machine, that's a different
story.  See README.WIN for additional setup instructions.

Pheonix wrote:
> Boy I feel stupid.. How do I place a mud on a site?
> I was given account's e-mail address and password. So how do I place my
> mud on it?
>  Thanks,
>  Pheonix
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