Re: [CIRCLE] [INFO] Anybody got intermud to work using util/...

From: Keith Austin (
Date: 12/31/96

Mud Administration wrote:
> Recompile the mud, AND the Intermud function in the "util" dir.  After
> you do that it should work....  Remember this though, Boot
> Intermud_script first, then run the MUD.
> On Sun, 29 Dec 1996, Darklord wrote:
> > Ok.. Just for the record ... i installed intermud using partly method
> > 2.. and method 3.. cause the patch wont work.  Anyway.. i have the
> > thing running error free as usual... even the utils/ is error free
> >
> > Now.. in the intermud.h i have for mudport   bla bla/bin instead
> > of the bla bla/bin/mudsock
> >

You also need to leave the /mudsock on the file name definition in
intermud.h for MUDSOCK.

mudsock is actually a file, a Unix Special File.  Your intermud client
and your mud use it
to pass messages back and forth.  After you fire up the intermud client
do an ls on your
bla bla/bin directory, you will see that it has created this file for


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