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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 12/31/96

On Mon, 30 Dec 1996, Michael M. McLoughlin   wrote:

> First off, I hope everyone has a happy new year :), Secondly my players
> have convinced me to install OLC.  Now, the problem is choosing exactly
> which one is best.  Is there a specific one (between Oasis and Obuild)
> that is better than the other?  It seems that Oasis on the ftp site is
> for an earlier patch level of circle.  I also see Sammy on the list
> helping out with his version (Obuild, right?) and it seems that he
> at least is keeping his version updated (Not sure about the other author
> and if I am wrong, I apologize in advance) But I see that Oasis has all
> these other patches that go 'along' with it and I see alot of people
> talking about it.  Unfortunately I delete (or have been) all mail
> pertaining to OLC so I have no reference to which one I should use.  If
> anyone could point me in the 'right' direction and offer opinions (which
> this list seems very capable of ;) ) I'd more than appreciate it.

This is entirely a matter of taste.  OasisOLC, to my knowledge, is
no longer being supported by the person whom put it together; but,
Oasis is receiving patches to implement new features and fix bugs
from other people that use it and like it.  Obuild is still being
supported and worked on by it's original author.  Both have bugs and
problems, however, I believe that Obuild is presently more stable
than Oasis (although simply because Samedi has been working on it).

Now, bugs aside, there is no true better of the two.  They are a
different style of OLC.  Obuild is command based, where you use new
commands to set the description, etc. just like you use commands to
tell, say, etc.  It essentially adds a bunch of new commands that
operate, as a whole, as a system of creating and editing online.

Oasis is different in that it uses menus.  Unlike Obuild that has a
bunch of commands that, when taken as a whole, form the OLC, the
menu-based interface of Oasis clearly defines the room OLC, obj OLC,
mob OLC, etc. simply because each one has a set of menus and each
one is initiated by one command.

Oasis is generally regarded as being easier to work in and learn in.
Although, Obuild, because it allows you to go around the levels of
menus that OasisOLC uses, and simply type a single command, permits
experienced builders to do their work much faster.

I personally think that a gray area in between these two is in order,
but because of the fact that CircleMUD uses tables (which are not
dynamic), writing the basics of the OLC for adding and deleting from
the world while the MUD is running is rather complex code to write.
Since most implementors have a /distinct/ preference, the need for
such an OLC that takes the strong points of both interfaces and
provides a mesh, is not present.  (btw: this is /not/ an offer for
me to write a new olc package, so you can dismiss those ideas).

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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