[flame] [new proto allocation]

From: JTRhone (ujtr@lady.cs.sunyit.edu)
Date: 02/17/97

>  And finally.. just to clear things up here..  I did mention or recoment
> comments on how to make sammys obuild better.. i would suggest reading something
> on a summation function..  and if you dont know what the equivilant to that
> would be .. you definatly dont know anything about code.
>   just for a minor test.. do ya know what a scanf() is ? 
>   Ohh.. does it exist and what library.. hahahah                         
>   id check the circle code real good to see if you can find it.
>   I use ddata menus on all my arg stuff.. buf if you did that.. wouldnt you
> be qualified to talk here..?

What the hell is your point in here?  Do you even have one?  I've been
studying this mumbo jumbo for roughly 5 minutes and I can't seem to
decipher it.  Anybody else?


How do the two most common OLCs out there (obuild and oasis) allocate new
slots in the proto lists and world list?  I can see two ways.  I see
realloc()ing the entire list every time something is tacked on, or I can
see preallocating a certain amount on bootup.  I use a combination of both
in my OLC, I preallocate a chunk (+200 slots to be precise), and when that
gets used up (usually after about 2 - 3 days uptime, normal building
activity) I then realloc a new list with 200 more slots.  This both cuts
down on lag (not realloc()ing everytime a new proto is created) and
removes the uptime limit on new protos.  If there is a better way, what is

jtrhone aka Vall RoA

< no corny sig needed, RoA speaks for itself >

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