Re: [CODE] 2 odd things that haunt me..

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/13/97

> Ok, I have one more question at the moment.
> I just got it to work (having players return to the game t\where they
> quit) but if they quit to the menu, and enter the game, they return in the
> default location.
> So, if the player quits, chooses option 0, and telnets back to the game,
> it works perfectly, but if the player quits, and chooses option 1, he
> returns to the default location.  What I expect is happening is that the
> player is not getting saved when he the game, but when he chooses option
> 0.  The strange thing is, is that in my "do_quit" I have found where it
> shows the menu, and there is a save_char before it.  I also looked, and
> there doen't seem to be any more save_chars after that point.
Hm.. going from menu->to->game relies on an already loaded
character profile, means that you're probably overlooking something
defaultish...  Stock circle is really not set up for people saving their
loadroom w/o a loadroom flag.  I'd do a search for "PLR_LOADROOM" or what
have you. Make sure when you save (if you're using ch->in_room), that
in_room is not set to NOWHERE (which it could be if the character is
already extracted)


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