Re: [bug]With class selection

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 07/18/97

>>#0  0x4004156d in __libc_free ()
>>And that left me nowhere.  Any help or suggestions would be great.
<other guy>
>frame of the last command that makes sense. to load the frame type frame
>#x, where x is the frame number, which is told to you by bt.  That should
>tell you the exact line number, and file that is causing the crash.

well, just FEI (For Everybody's Information)   libc_free()
errors do NOT provide any backtrace information,
frame #0 IS the only frame.  this prolly won't help the guy with
the free() error, but sometimes GDB isn't something you can really trust.

anyway, good luck.

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