Re: Infinite loops & Mac Debuggers

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 08/21/97

On 8/21/97 11:00 PM, Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM) stated:

>Macintoshes don't dump core, but they do have a debugger called
>Macsbug (no, not named that way because of Macintosh :) that
>any decent Mac programmer will have installed. It breaks into
>the debugger upon a system error, letting you examine everything
>in memory, disassemble, see the stack chain, and all that other
>good stuff. It's just as good as dumping core, I guess. Anyhow,
>there's no need to worry about such loops when programming for
>the Mac, and if there's one area where skimping on "proper"
>coding style is actually worth it, it's inside loops.

MacsBug = Motorola Advanced Computer Systems deBUGger.  Somewhat similiar
to GDB but easier to use :-), except

Also is MWDebug, a MUST for any serious CodeWarrior user.  MWDebug
(MetroWerks Debugger) is a full fledged source code debugger with GUI...
basically kicks the ass of GDB.  It can catch system errors and DebugStr
calls, and can also be broken into manually (same with MacsBug).  Can
also switch to and from MacsBug.  Really kewl.  Set breakpoints through
point and click :-)

Anyways, MacOS doesn't catch write/read to null, doesn't have protected
memory, etc.  So thats a problem.  However for catching lots of other
bugs and for all your development, it kicks ass.

- Chris Jacobson

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