Re: Yet more Newbie questions.

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 09/10/97

>On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Cris Jacobin wrote:
>>         Can I get some feedback on how best to implement multiclass chars
>> with circle?
>>         Way I was thinking of doing it, is just creating a class for each
>> the possible combinations (wa/th, wa/cl, wa/mu, etc etc) that posseses
>> abilities of both.
>>         Not only was this the most obvious way for me to do it, it
>> involves only cut, paste and edit, making the process rather quick.
>I don't see a problem with coding them that way at all. Then again, I've
>never really looked that deeply into multi-class characters because I
>don't intend on doing that with my mud.

        The problem is that it is not really just simple cut
and paste.  Having to add to the thac0 and saving throws
tables, the exp tables, etc. is a huge task.  The easy
way around this is to create functions that handle these
things (calc_thaco(), calc_save_para(), calc_save_rod(),
etc. etc. etc.) - not as efficient speed-wise, but useful
for exactly this type of situation.
        Alternately, write your mud in C++ - then you could
just derive new classes from multiple base classes.
So a war/thief actually is just a new class of class class
derived from the warrior and thief class classes.  You still
have the thac0, exp, saving throw, etc. problem, but you can
make those functions virtual member functions of the base
class class and have the new class define them accordingly.
Still a bit of work, though.
Now that's classy =)

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