Re: manholes (was: RE: Hacker MUDSTEALER ALERT)

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 11/04/97

>> I know I almost never explored the sewers as a player, and I suspect it
>> is one of the most underused areas in the mud.

>It's a really neat area actually (from a player point of view).  The big
>problem is that it is difficult to get into them, and equally hard to
>remember the path out.  I remember discovering them when I first began
>mudding and finding them *really* interesting.  But then again, everything
>is magical the first time you play.

I remember wandering into the sewers and being killed
very quickly by the sea-hag ;)
That was a good leason on commands like look (and reading
the descriptions!), exits & scan...

It should be a good area, but appearently a lot of players
don't want to have to think in order to be challenged... ;)
More challenge?  Just give them a mob with more hp and
nastier spells, but please don't give them a maze or other
tricks! :(

Any volunteers willing to re-write the sewers? :)

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