Re: Email gateway for areas

From: Blue Lang (blue@CALICO.GATOR.NET)
Date: 12/31/97

> I am seeking to create a method of emailing gods their areas. I
> seek this mostly as a way to give them a backup they know they
> can trust :-)

sounds like a great, if totally non-portable, idea :) non-portable because
there's no reliable mail agent in windows.. i dunno if mac has one

> 2b)  The attachment. I must admit I am not fully up to speed on the
> various attachment types and exactly where they can and cannot be
> used. So.. Should I not send binary attachments as there would be
> builders who _cannot_ receive them? Is there a type that will work
> for everyone?

well, you might get a cup of coffee and a spare hour and wade through the
'man mailto' page.. it contains a lot of good info in typical man

heh, i envy your dedication. This screams 'Hack me!'. one of the 'mailto'
file inclusion types, for those of you who aren't rushing to read this man
page, is: 3: An X11 window image dump. i gotta figure that out, so i can
hotkey AfterStep dumps to all of my friends whenever i whip up a
particularly nice background :). well, and when i find some friends..

Blue Lang, Head Technician, Gator.Net          352.378.9998
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