Email gateway for areas

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 12/31/97

I am seeking to create a method of emailing gods their areas. I
seek this mostly as a way to give them a backup they know they
can trust :-)

Something like:

AREA BACKUP <zone num>  -- Writes the various world files
into a backup directory at the builder's request.

AREA RESTORE <zone num>  -- Writes the various world files
from the backup directory into the main directory at the builder's
request. (added for completeness mostly)

AREA EMAIL <zone num>   -- Creates a message file for the
mail process to pickup and get the builder email/zone# from.
Then have it tar/gzip up the files and send them as an attachment
Scan something like every 5 minutes. Could even run it as a cron
job once a night if processor time is short.

I'll post this one [not on the list :-)] when I'm done with it. I think it
would be useful. If I were just doing it for my mud I could just hack up
something and re-hack it when I changed machines. I'm hoping to do
better with this system; if done right it could save people a good
deal of time over the long run.

All the wrappings are easy, so, on to my questions:

1)  Assuming a two line message file containing the info, would a script
or an actual program be warranted? (reliability, portability, security)
Using the tools in unix I could eventually construct a script to handle it,
I'm sure. I think a program would be easier.. but which would work better
for a

2a)  What method should be used to send the mail? (emphasis
on security and portability.)

2b)  The attachment. I must admit I am not fully up to speed on the
various attachment types and exactly where they can and cannot be
used. So.. Should I not send binary attachments as there would be
builders who _cannot_ receive them? Is there a type that will work
for everyone?

Maybe an option to tar/gzip the entire world and send it? That'd be
handy for automated backups to a remote machine.


Neither sweat, nor blood, nor frustration, nor lousy manuals
nor missing parts, nor wrong parts shall keep me from my task.
  --Christopher Hicks

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