Name Change && ASCII Pfiles...

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 01/01/98

Just wanted to run a check via the group. I want to have a name change
admin-type command. The only things I have to change are the
and then the index, right?

Also, I was having the same problem as someone else using ASCII pfiles, re:
the cannot open player file pfiles/S/Stormrider. I believe the fix was to

sprintf(filename, "%s/%c/%s", PLR_PREFIX, *player_table[id].name,

sprintf(filename, "%s/%c/%s", PLR_PREFIX, LOWER(*player_table[id].name),

Gives me some warnings but allows me to log in, the problem crops up only
randomly so I just wanted to check because I know someone had posted a fix
before and I was operating off of logic and memory. =)

Happy new year all!

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