[NEWBIE] Manually calling a skill?

From: Allan Houston (ahouston@IAFRICA.COM)
Date: 01/01/98

Hi ,

My ever demanding builders have asked me to code in a hunt extension to
the track skill. I though the easiest way of doing this was to add it as
a spell which sets an affect flag AFF_HUNT , then to call the existing
track from look_at_room in act.informative.c ? Any pointers on how I could
do this final call ( I have the rest all in place , finally :P ) ? To
confuse matters slightly : - In the place of that final call to track I
put a send_to_char , just to test that the flags and everything were fine
, but sure enough , it doesnt work :( , if I stat the character after
casting the spell , the affect flag should show up right ?


af[0].duration=10 +level;



The idea seems sound , at least to me ;) , anyone have any advice on
whether I'm making any serious logic /coding errors anywhere ?


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