Re: Name Changing

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 01/01/98

>Well, got the primary bugs ironed out of the namechange function but
>there's one minor problem. It changes it fine and saves the pfile, but
>doesn't update the plr_index. I have tried calls to build_player_index and
>save_player_index and neither of them work. Copied over and still can't log
>in as the changed name.

Of course it won't change the player_index, it isn't reloading the
player_index!  If you use ASCII pfiles, that would mean loading up the
plr_index again, and for non-ASCII, that means re-loading the
player-file.  Neither are very attractive.  What you need to do is find
out the ID num, search for it on the player_index, modify that entry to
take into account the new name, THEN save_player_index.

I know this because I added in a name changing routine a while back.  Two
things to remember:
#1. make sure for ASCII pfiles that all caps are stripped out of the file
name, but NOT the name saved in the file (that way you can have a name
like StormeRider work properly, that was my first error)
#2. You will need to check for duplicate names, that way you don't end up
with 2 players having the same name.  You might also want to run it
through the standard valid_name stuff, to avoid cuss words, banned names,

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