Re: Name Changing

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 01/02/98

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, StormeRider wrote:

>At 04:02 PM 1/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>I'd use act() there or you'll ignore invisibility.
>This may be a bad thing to say, but when an admin changes a person's
>name, I am not concerned about invisibility. It would be used for when
>someone logs in with a name like Beavis or THEDORK, etc. Something that
>isn't RP acceptable to the theme of the MUD.

Your immortal will be visible to the person whose name is changed and the
person will be visible to the room.

While not critical, I've noticed a lot of people do not use act() when they
should and that results in the degeneration of invisibility, both immortal
and mortal.

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