Re: [NEWBIE] Other potion effect.

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 01/02/98

Yeah, but then is it still a ITEM_POTION?  Or a ITEM_TRASH with
a spec_proc associated with it?

To be an ITEM_POTION and use a spec_proc, you would have to create a
dummy spell anyway (unless you do not have any way to cast 'identify'
on items (including scrolls)...), so why not create the actual spell
in the process?  Probably easier than a spec_proc.

To use a spec_proc on ITEM_TRASH, you would have to use a verb other
than quaff, which isn't very satisfactory.

There's nothing wrong with making spells that are not castable.
Look at identify.  In fact, there is a whole section of non-castable
spells (or, more correctly, "non-player and object spells and skills)
in spells.h (SPELL_FIRE_BREATH, SPELL_ACID_BREATH, etc.  Hey Jeremy -
any chance these will actually get imp'ed in future stock releases? :)

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>Subject:       Re:  [NEWBIE] Other potion effect.
>Hmm... Probably a spec-proc would work.
>Lauge Stendahl Johansen wrote:
>> I want to create a potion of youth, which wil make you a year ynger when
>> but I'm not shure where to put the code. I don't want to create an other
>> because I dont want to have spells that are not spells, and I dont need the
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