[PFILE][OLC] (fwd)

From: Iceblade (iceblade@STARWEB.NET)
Date: 01/05/98

Here is more info I gathered after message #1

Hey all Just a bit more info on my ASCII pfile/Oasis OLC 1.5 glitch.

at any time, an imp can say ZAP, a given admin can OLC_zone 4, for
instance thereafter, the admin should be able to rent out, and log back
in and still be able to edit zone 4 all the object, mobs, rooms shops, etc
in zone 4.
 Right now, it can be set fine (i think), but it doesnt save
(cuz we dont have a binary pfile)
It used to try to write to players, the binary pfile. Now it should write
to individual pfile in /lib/text/players



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