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From: Jesper Andersen (knight@STOFANET.DK)
Date: 01/05/98

Hmm .. is it me or didnt you get the mail I send? Or perhaps you couldnt use
Either way here it is again:

Hmm .. I dont have the code in front of me, but as far as I remember the
ASCII-patch dosnt include the OLC_zone, so you have to define that manual.
Something like this:
In db.c
int load_char:
  +     psds->olc_zone = 0;  (where the rest is init.)

  Under the switch:
      case 'O':
   if(!strcmp(tag, "OLC "))
     psds->olc_zone = num;

void save_char:
  search for...
        fprintf(outfile, "Wimp: %d\n", psds->wimp_level);
  and insert ...
       fprintf(outfile, "OLC : %d\n", psds->olc_zone);

I guess that should do the trick with your OLC settings .. wasnt that what
you asked about?

/Zekam - he who loves to forward mail again and again and again .... :o)

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From: Iceblade <iceblade@STARWEB.NET>
Date: 5. januar 1998 22:08
Subject:  [PFILE][OLC] (fwd)

>Here is more info I gathered after message #1
>Hey all Just a bit more info on my ASCII pfile/Oasis OLC 1.5 glitch.
>at any time, an imp can say ZAP, a given admin can OLC_zone 4, for
>instance thereafter, the admin should be able to rent out, and log back
>in and still be able to edit zone 4 all the object, mobs, rooms shops, etc
>in zone 4.
> Right now, it can be set fine (i think), but it doesnt save
>(cuz we dont have a binary pfile)
>It used to try to write to players, the binary pfile. Now it should write
>to individual pfile in /lib/text/players
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