Circle30bpl12 HELP?!?

From: Jeff Almeida (jalmeida@IX.NETCOM.COM)
Date: 01/03/98

I manually added the patch file to take my modified 30bpl11 to 30bpl12.
Somewhere in the midst of all the cutting and pasting, i screwed something
up.  I get the following error when I try to compile (on a windows 95
machine).  I have yet to see if I can get it to compile on the Unix machine...

        cl -c /nologo /I. /I\MSDEV\INCLUDE act.other.c
act.other.c(803) : error C2079: 'fbuf' uses undefined struct 'stat'
act.other.c(843) : error C2224: left of '.st_size' must have struct/union type

Thanks for any help...

(Delst of Sugilite)

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