[BUG-FIX] do_quit

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 01/08/98

A few preliminaries:

We are a heavily modified 3.0 bpl11, but I beleive this section of
our quit code is unmodified.

I havent had the time to hand patch 12 in yet, so if this was fixed there,
I do apologize for wasitng bandwidth.

It seems that if a level one character gets his hands on a piece of eq
that puts his hit points into the negative, and then quits out, the mud
goes boom because do_quit calls die(ch) and there is no killer.

It's a really simple fix, and the other reason I write this is to see if
there is anything obviously abuseable that I missed.

In do_quit, right after:

  if (IS_NPC(ch) || !ch->desc)

Put in:

  if (GET_HIT(ch) < 1) {
   GET_HIT(ch) = 1;

I suppose the get_hit could be a position check, but the problem here is
the -hitpoints, and them being in the game with them.  Would a position
check be safer? or better coding?

Thanks for any answers, and if this has been fixed, let me repeat my

Ghost Shaidan
Implementor of Questionable Sanity
qs.mudservices.com 4000

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