[CODE][LONG][Part 1] do_move_element info

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 01/08/98

Hello all!  Its been a long time since I contributed some code to the
list, so here is an offer for some.  Its a function I use to move
objects/rooms/triggers/mobs from one vnum to another, even across zones!
Its an amazing piece of code, as it checks all the zone reset
commands/etc and marks them unsaved if they are linked to the moved item.

Note: I have some patches installed you might not have, so this will
require editing on your side.  Patches I use include George Greer's
buffers patch, my own original ported version of DG Scripts (thats the
trigger stuff, you can gut it all if you dont use it), and a customized
zone-access-privileges system (well not too customized, I basically took
OBuild's system and merged it with the Oasis-based OLC we use).  Requires
at least, Oasis.

It DOES lack one feature: it doesn't move zone commands with rooms... I
couldn't figure out how to do it (to be more specific, I was too lazy to
bother :-).  So if someone adds that feature, I'ld appreciate the snippet
:-).  Also, if there are any bugs, please let me know.  Sorry, but I
can't provide support for this snippet if it concerns buffers, DG scripts
(i.e, anything in the TMOVE case), or prvileges system (it shouldn't be
too hard to just hack around it, its really up to you to determine how
you want the permissions to work, which would require modifying the code

It's in a seperate message, since its > 180 lines, and this info and the
header total caused it to hit 215 lines.  I also had to kill the
formatting totally.

- Chris Jacobson

PS. why I didn't upload it to the ftp site is because I don't have tools
locally to tar.gz stuff, plus I dont want to bother :-)

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