Re: Shapechanging help.

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 01/09/98

>>      Well, these both have advantages and disadvantages, usually because
>> the ability to simply become the other creature is quite powerful. Can
>> anyone think of a way to make it limited, or not quite so omnipitment?
>ever play the Qt version of Nethack? you polymorph into all KINDS of
>things, but you tend to drop your EQ if you dont have hands, or bust out
>of armor if you're too big for it, etc etc.. that's one way to keep it

* Also limit spell casting if the form can't speak.
* Don't allow the poly to use eq at all for inappropriate forms
(spiders, for example). (But make sure the poly form has appropriate
other abilities, including natural attacks and AC, and anything else,
like special vision (infravision or true sight) or whatever).
* Have mobs of the opposite align as the poly attack it on sight (if a
mage polies into a drow, have city guards attack on sight, even if the
mage is good! (as the poly form, drow, is extremely evil, and how can
those cityguards tell the difference between a morphed PC and the real
thing? ;) ).
* In keeping with the previous two - if they can use eq, base align-
restricted eq on the align of the poly, not the character.  So if a
good mage polies into a drow, they can no longer use good-aligned eq.

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