Re: [CODE] Physics

From: Marc Gale (m.gale@HUGH.BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 01/09/98

> > The sinking object patch is a great start, what I'm trying to do is make it
> > so that if there is an underwater room below where the object is dropped,
> > it sinks to that room rather than being extracted.
> >
> > Same situation with air.  If there's a room below, it drops.  If not it is
> > extracted.  The falling update could be told to stop if the room it is in
> > is !SECT_FLYING or whatever.
> >
> Well, I have implemented almost the same thing, but for players.
> If they are occupying a space in open air without FLY, they'll drop
> to the room below and get smashed (SPLAT!). This also works if the
> player is in a room that is SECT_NOSWIM(i.e. Deep Water) without
> WATERWALK. This gives a rule to building rooms that are either
> flight or noswim: You must add a room below it.
I have also coded the flying stuff for players, but haven't submitted
it because it isn't complete yet.  All it does at the moment is :

o - If a player cannot fly, he can walk any direction but 'up' into
an air room, and then he automatically falls. (cliffs, pits, etc)
o - If a player is in a flying room and the flying spell wears off,
he falls
o - If a player is in a flying room and the object that he is using
to fly with is removed or lost, he falls
o - If a player with a pet flies into a flying room and the pet
cannot fly, the pet falls
o - If you fall into an air room, you fall again, this repeats

This is all fine, except for the last bit, the player cannot
interrupt the fall with a command such as recall, or featherfall,

Anyone any idea how my code can wait a short time before continuing
the drop?  It would complete this code, and I can then work on the
object falling and the underwater bit as well.


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