Re: Spec proc on mobs death?

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 01/11/98

John Evans wrote:

> The only way that I have found was to add a check in die() for if IS_NPC
> and the vnum of the mob. Not a spec_proc, but special code for mobs,
> objs, and rooms should NOT be limited to special procedures, mobprogs, or
> scripts. The efforts of the coder(s) and the builder(s) should work
> hand-in-hand under the guidance of the implementor(s). Without all three
> portions working in unison, the efforts of all three will be wasted on
> something that is less than perfect.

Preach on, brother! There is another way if you use mobprogs. It does
something of this sort but it doesnt require modifying of the code for every
new proc added. Take a look at the FTP site if you dont know what mobprogs

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