From: Bowes, Chris (cjb@ADDLESHAW-BOOTH.CO.UK)
Date: 01/15/98

Hi all. Thanx everyone who helped with the disarm stuff, tis fixed now  =
after using
obj_to_room(unequip_char(vict,WEAR_WIELD),vict->in_room) from J Evans  =20=


i wanted to also ask about this :
when you enter a room (or type look in a room you`re in) and a mob/playe=
r  =20
has sanctuary, i wanted
this line that says "...he glows with a bright light!" to appear in whit=
e  =20
i did this bit , but i cant seem to get the colour back to what it was  =
before for the next line of what
the char sees (for example if there is another mob in the room that one`=
s  =20
name is also displayed in
white) ....
i tried doing :
sprintf(sanc_buf,"%s...%s glows with a bright light!",CCWHT(ch,C_CMP),
strcat(buf, CCNRM(ch, C_SPR));
act(sanc_buf, FALSE, i, 0, ch, TO_VICT);

but to no avail .. could anyone suggest where i`m going wrong?

Chris Bowes
Systems Developer
+44 (0113) 209 2534
Addleshaw Booth & Co, Sovereign House,
 PO Box 8, Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 1HQ

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