Re: [OffTopic] SendMail Attachments? 15:54:05 -0600"

From: d. hall (dhall@APK.NET)
Date: 01/15/98

// thus on Mon, 12 Jan 1998 15:54:05 -0600, Akuma/Chris virtually wrote:

> well, i'm sending them to myself, from a server about 1 state away from me.
> besides, if it gets munged up that's no problem for me, i'm not worried.

Well a munged file is a munged file, and pretty useless. =)

> FINALLY!!! Someone that DIDN'T tell me to go INTO pine and look for the
> Attachment: section (I'm not a moron or a newbie, people, I just have
> trouble with wording my questions right).  Anyway, when I send a 500 k
> file, my mail client (Eudora Pro 3) chops it into like 4 different files
> (or used to, i'm not sure now) but even if it doesn't, how would I go
> about uudecoding it through Eudora?

I'm sure there is a uuencode/uudecode for dos/windows, somewhere, probably has one, if not there is enough source code, the
algorithm is very easy (and old).  Anyways, I would normally tar and gzip
or bzip2 the file and then uuencode it.  Note: certain mail gateways have a
maximum size in which they can send a message, normally it's safe to say 1
meg.  If eudora is chopping it up, you'll have to find a way to disable it,
I believe a lot of MIME capable mail readers auto-split messages of certain
sizes, I know Gnus does this.


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