Re: [CODE] [DG Scripts] Pl-2 bug

From: Mark A. Heilpern (heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM)
Date: 01/16/98

At 09:23 AM 1/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Tony Robbins wrote:
>>#0  write_to_output (txt=0x80bc47c "The slave leaves south.\r\n", t=0x0)
>>    at comm.c:1106
>>1106      if (t->bufptr < 0)
>Looks like your descriptor (t=0x0) is NULL.  That's one of those "can't
>happen" type things so you'll have to track down why it was given a NULL.
>It could have happened by sending output to a character without a

For act and speech triggers to operate, act() must be called for them even
though they are descriptorless. This being the case, however,
write_to_output () shouldn't be called for them.

Looks like for the reference patch, I missed a line that's in my mud. In
perform_act(), 3 lines from the bottom is a call:

     SEND_TO_Q(CAP(lbuf), to->desc);

simply add

    if (to->desc)

before it to fix the crash.

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