[CODE] [DG Scripts] Pl-2 bug

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 01/15/98

My MUD is a barely modified Circle bpl 12 (just started my rewrite project)
and the only new things are more classes and a new way of assigning god
commands, neither of which should affect dg.

Anyway, my MUD crashes exactly 10 seconds after a player connects (timed it
three times), making me assume that it has something to do with circle
being awake (most likely the events).  Here is my GDB backtrace output.

#0  write_to_output (txt=0x80bc47c "The slave leaves south.\r\n", t=0x0)
    at comm.c:1106
1106      if (t->bufptr < 0)

1101      int size;
1103      size = strlen(txt);
1105      /* if we're in the overflow state already, ignore this new output */
1106      if (t->bufptr < 0)
1107        return;
1109      /* if we have enough space, just write to buffer and that's it! */
1110      if (t->bufspace >= size) {

Any ideas?

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