Re: Duping Bugfix

From: Drago's (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 01/16/98

>Um, the original way I had it was:
>+  for (dt = descriptor_list; dt; dt = dt->next)
>+    if (GET_NAME(dt->character) && !str_cmp(GET_NAME(dt->character), newname))
>+      return FALSE;
>(Note the lack of ! in the GET_NAME.)
>Putting the ! on there only does a str_cmp if their name is NULL, not quite
>what you want.  In my original way it only does a str_cmp if the person's
>namne does exist, which is everyone except for the person being created.

I tried this.  It crashes mine on if(GET_NAME(dt->character) &&
!str_cmp(GET_NAME(dt->character), newname)).  But simply doing a check like:

for (dt = descriptor_list; dt; dt = dt->next)
      return FALSE;

does top them from making characters with the same name (same cases that
is).  Please don't think I'm trying to be a smart ass with this, I'm just
trying to understand it better.


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