Re: Duping Bugfix

From: Drago's (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 01/16/98

>>for (dt = descriptor_list; dt; dt = dt->next)
>>   if(GET_NAME(dt->character))
>>      continue;
>>   else
>>      return FALSE;

>You cannot make ANY new characters with the code like that.
>Let us think logically:
>  We scan the descriptor list for every character
>    If the person we're checking has a name, check the next one.
>    If the person does not have a name, return invalid name.

I am really and honestly getting pissed off at my typing.  I have sent the
wrong peice of code to you like 4 times now.  I am very sorry, and know that
I should be kicked, however this is PASTED from my code, and it works:

  for (dt = descriptor_list; dt; dt = dt->next)
    if (!GET_NAME(dt->character))
      return FALSE;


Chuck Reed

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