Re: Races?

From: StormeRider (winds of storm mud) (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 01/17/98

On Sat, 17 Jan 1998, IcE MasteR wrote:

> No, you know what is REALLY bad?? Circle is SUPPOSED to a mud designed for
Circle?? Circle is what you make of it. This LIST is for the general
discussion of CircleMUD implementation, coding, and administration.
> SHARING and HELPING, all you "Experienced" Coders do is sit around and mock
> newbies about being stupied and laze, ALOT of people learn from EXSISTING
> code, or did you all forget that? (Looks that way).
Did you forget that the page that hosts the FAQ ON THE BOTTOM OF EVERY
SINGLE MESSAGE ON THIS LIST has links to sites that have most of the code
that these lame newbie coders ask for? Now I'm not saying all newbie
coders are lame, I'm saying that there are a lot of lame newbie coders
wanting to be handfed without TAKING A FREAKING LOOK AT THE RESOURCES
easily available to them. It's not like these people didnt spend their

> I personaly take
> snippits and use them as a begging code base then modify them completely.
> How about if you don't have anything HELPFULL to say not SAYING anything at
> all, OR atleast take it to PRIVATE e-mail to flame someone!
Every now and then a general flame is deserved... like I am giving, and I
do not usually do.

RTFM, TTFC, STWRAFTF, TAQ. (Read the f'n manual, try the f'n code, search
the web resources available in the FAQ, then ask questions.)

> At 06:33 PM 1/17/98 -0600, you wrote:
> >>What the hell is going on??
> >
> >Just that.
> >
> >>All I've seen lately is "Where's the code?", "Gimme a patch!", "Where's the
> >>snippet?" and other lame-ass things like that.
> >
> >Uh huh.
> >
> >>Whatever happened to people doing things themselves?
> >
> >They don't want to.
> >
> >>No, there is not a simple, easy thing that you can do to add races. Yes,
> >>you can spend some time thinking about it and DOING it yourself. If you
> >>don't like coding, then I would suggest sticking with playing things like
> >>Diablo. You know... Things that require no thought or intelligence to play.
> >
> >Yeah.  I can understand getting patches for things like color, but your
> >races should be something that YOU do and not someone else.  I'll help you
> >find a good starting spot, but Im coding not yer damned mud ye who be the
> >sea of non codingness!

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