Re: SPCC & Guild of Implementors

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 01/18/98

I'm sorry if this sounds like a flame, but it is not inteded to be.

>  Why not call it "The Society of Elitist Coders"?

Are you are equating originality with elitism?  I think originality is a
VERY good thing.  I am sick of a bunch of stock Circle's opening up with
maybe a few of the better snippets of various sites, and then suddenly
they are "heavily modified"  Perhaps the name should be Society for the
Prevention of Unoriginal Cruelty to CircleMUD.  SPUCC :)

>  That sounds like a pretty lame purpose.  Originality is very subjective.
>And do you really think you are providing a valuable service by 'warning'
>people about other MUDs?  I bet you won't be warning anyone about YOUR
>mud.  I bet YOUR mud will be one of the top recommendations.

Originality is very easy to judge area wise:  If you have over x% of
original zones, you are original.  If you have less than, you are
unoriginal.  And I think the idea of warning people of unoriginal MUD's
is a great idea.  As to code, well, that is subjective, but generally, an
experienced coder can spot a large amount of original code within 5-10
minutes of logging on.  If anything, I would recommend having a 'panel of
judges' decide if the code is original.  That means there is more than
one opinion, not just one.

>  Just let the players decide for themselves.  There's no need to put down
>other MUDs.  How would you like it if I started a group to warn against
>your mud because I thought it was unoriginal?

If I spent all my time trying to sort out the unoriginal MUD's from the
original ones, I would never get around to playing.

>  It's your right to put whatever you want on your web page or wherever.
>But I think it is not in the spirit in which CircleMUD was intended, and I
>also think its a waste of time.

CircleMUD was designed as a code base that is easy to enhance, and add
things too.  It was built for expandability.  If you want a stock MUD,
get SMAUG.  Circle is best for those who want to expand, create and make

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