Re: SPCC & Guild of Implementors

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 01/18/98

>i would have to disagree with this..would anyone, even an experienced
>coder, so easily be able to try out new races, classes, skills and
>everything that is offered with them..especially considering that the
>more interesting and powerful stuff is usually encountered after that
>player has gained quite a few levels...also, as an example, a very high
>percentage of my code work went into things that mortals will never see,
>like OLC, events, immortal utilities, etc..

Well, looking at the score screen tells you if there are any extra
attributes, commands lists any new commands, help on the commands lists
them, and if there is a new character creation process, you get to see
that too.  Sure, you don't see ALL the stuff, but you can get a general
idea of how much they actually put into it.  if there's very little new
stuff, then either it's all for the powerful people, or they haven't got
it.  Also, asking questions helps.

>i'm not disagreeing with the fact that original MUDs are better (or at
>least more interesting for a short while), but to say that people who
>don't change every aspect of the MUD interface MUST have stock code is a
>little presumptious..

Actually, the stock MUD's are more fun in the short run, because you can
get up to high levels faster because you know the world so much better.
A truly original MUD has more to discover, so you are finding new things
all the time.  Also, if you have new areas, the players can't just walk
to the areas they know are best for their level, and get that level or
few.  I am not saying that they must change the MUD interface at fact, you don't need to do that at all...but if you don't add
any new commands to the MUD, you are pretty well stock code wise.  You
can have all the new areas in the world, but if your code is the same,
all the players have to discover is the world.  With non-stock code, the
mortals have to discover how best to use new commands.  I believe that an
original MUD needs both new code and new areas.  I have been on many
MUD's....a lot of them stock.  The only MUD's I am now on are original
MUD's, code and world wise.  Stock keeps them for the short term,
Originality keeps them for the long term.

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