Re: SPCC & Guild of Implementors

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 01/18/98

Leif Bogwald wrote:

>    Okay, so you say that any muds that aren't what you deem to be "original"
> will be added to a list of "bad" muds.  You also say that this disgraces the

Correct... almost/ Not always that _I_ deem original. If a guild was
created, it would be just that -- a guild. Not one person doing all the
work, but the collective work of many.

> circlemud name because they claim to be original and simply are stock.  Well,
> what about the muds that DON'T claim to be original?  They'll be added to the
> "bad" list, even though they don't fit the criteria of a "bad" mud?  Lots of

No. They will be added to the bad list because they fit the criteria of
a bad mud. The purpose of the list isnt to identify bad muds, it is to
identify muds that dont value originality.

> players enjoy, and some even prefer, playing stock areas.  So just because

Show me 3, and let me talk to them for oooh... 10 min. At least 1 will
be thinking differently. Of the players that enjoy playing stock areas,
good for them. Normally, these are the kind of people that dont realize
that the areas of stock and that they are playing a mud that is getting
fat off others works.

> there are areas on your mud that are not solely for your mud, that means that
> you are disgracing the circlemud name?  My mud has a lot of areas that are
> what you consider stock, but not what I consider stock.  Many of the areas
> are from other code bases, converted over by me, and adjusted by me.  Other

So they are modified stock. Ok, maybe not stock, modified unoriginal

> areas are on maybe one or two other muds, so these are defined by you as

How is this? Do you steal the areas? Or are they posted publicly? If the
first, you could get sued for copyright infringement. If the second,
*laugh* How do you know only one or two muds have them?

> commonplace?  I just don't feel that you have a very good argument on what
> I explained above.  You can of course do whatever you want, we can't stop
> you, but I, for one, will be the first to say that if this web page does
> end up happening, I will shun it.

And how will you shun it. Your mud is the exact type that is giving Circ
a bad name. I was on IRC one time talking to builder prospects. Of the 5
people I talked to, 2 refused to come on, 1 kickbanned me from his
channel, and 1 put me on ignore. When I asked the first 2 (the third
wouldnt talk to me) why they wouldnt come on, their reason was "Circle
sucks". When I inquired as to their thinking that way, their response
was (and I quote) "Too many stock [CircleMUDs]". As you can see, circle
has gotten a bad name from muds like yours that dont value originality
and simply use others work to become large.


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