Re: SPCC & Guild of Implementors

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 01/18/98

Chuck Reed wrote:
> I think this Guild of Imps is a good idea minus the "badmouthing" of muds
> part.  There would be nothing wrong with giving out a list of "originaly
> coded" muds, but saying someone's mud is "unoriginal" and posting it all
> over the net is just a bit rude IMHO.  It is the only counter productive
> thing I can see about it however, it sounds like a good idea to work on.
> Chuck Reed

It is this plus the other messages that have made me decide to actually
begin work on the guild. Currently, I am setting up a mailing list for
guild members, and once this is up I would like to host any discussions
as to the actual things the guild does there. (get the mail off the
list) Personally, I think it is important to inform players about muds
that are solely stock, but I also think it is good to offer alternative
muds to play if they want to be sure that they are playing a mud that
values originality. Watch this list for more info.


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