Re: [NEWBIE] Leveled gear

From: The Merciless lord of Everything (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 01/19/98

> expereienced C programmer, I'm just having trouble getting started.  Anyone
> that has some code, or could tell me where to start would be greatly
> appreciated.
It's actually very simple once you crack the nut. :). You have
to look at your object-files. When you put Level restriction in, they
will prolly get ruined all over, but then again, you could use
50Minutes (or so :) ) writing a converter for those, so you won't
have to reload items for players.

Look at the Object structure, and add a byte (or int or whatever :)
for the level restriction. And if you run with OLC then remember to
add it into there. Make a new OLC_STATE (Can't remember what they are
called and I'm not in front of my code right now). If you're
interessted, then email me and I'll dig up some code for you to look
at. :) (Email:

S. P. Skou - Implementor at The Realm of Chaos ( 4000)

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