Re: [Newbie] New Zone???

From: Lyramia (lyramia@INTREPID.NET)
Date: 01/19/98

If you are using OasisOLC, try the command
      zedit new [zone_number]

If you aren't, you'll have to create the entry in each index file
within the lib/world directories, and write the necessary files
following the format of the existing .mob, .obj, .wld, .zon, and
.shp files therein.

CircleMUD's documentation project has a few fine articles, start with

---Lyramia, Baroness of Torath-Lok

>this is first message to the list.. and
>i'm really sorry about the silly questions that i'm gonna ask..
>how do i create New Zone?
>there's good reason why i ask this question..
>so please.. somebody tell me how to create it..
>thank you..
>p.s. pardon me if i made english grammar mistakes..
>       i'm not really good at english.. :)

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