Re: [building](kinda newbie)

From: Lyramia (lyramia@INTREPID.NET)
Date: 01/19/98

Nope, but had a similar situation with Dragonspyres.  You've got OLC,
print out the obj file and use it to re-create a new obj file using the
same vnums.  ;-)  Makes it feel like the zone at least has some of
your labor in it!


>I guess my (longwinded) question really boils down to: Has anyone else had
>problems integrating Ancalador in their mud, and can anyone shed any light on
>my problem.
>Like that other guy said, if I'm just being plain dumb, please humiliate me by
>direct e-mail, rather than wasting everyone else's time.
>Many thanks,
>Andy Shaw     Operations Assistant & Help Producer
>(spot the work .sig :-) )

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