Re: [DG Scipts] Request for all information

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 01/20/98

On 1/20/98 8:39 AM, Mark A. Heilpern (heilpern@MINDSPRING.COM) stated:

>>Also, while looping could be implemented with the addition of a variable
>>to the command item structure, which would point back to the beginning of
>>a loop, and would function basically the same as an if-block, with the
>>exception that it would look ahead for the end of the block, set the
>>block's back-reference to the current marker, and upon reaching an "end"
>>with a back-reference, go back to the referenced marker.
>I'd thought about looping, but I have a fundamental problem with it.
>Builders. If I wanted to give them a simple way to lock up my mud,
>I'd let them write the real code for it. I've got a pretty decent C
>interpretter that could, from a programming point of view, blow the
>doors off what we've got in DG, but I don't believe it's safe unless
>builders are not (generally speaking) permitted to use it.

I woke up this morning and that error ability hit me straight in the
face.  The solution to this: at the end of the whileloop, simply have a
mandatory 1-second delay, or have it build up a count of while loops,
warn of a loop over X iterations, and halt at a loop of Y iterations.

Also, having a C interpretter wouldn't be as an idea.  I have many
builders on my MUD (we have a staff of around 30, since our userbase
averages at least 200 regulars).  The staff had a fairly easy time
learning mobprogs, but when I added DG scripts, they were confused, even
though they use the same basic concepts.  Its like trying to take a C
programmer and teach them C++ - it'll take a little while.  However, the
difference between mobprogs and/or scripts, and C, is VERY different...
too different, in fact, to make it feasible.  I mean, you'ld be faced
doing the Circle mailing list all over again for your builders, if you
know what I mean ;-)

- Chris Jacobson

PS - wasn't there a "Have you read the FAQ" thing on the bottom of these
mails?  What happened to it?


PPS - there :-)

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