[newbie]sinkable items

From: Mike Carpenter (abram@DELTANET.COM)
Date: 01/20/98

I guess my first post either never made it or it was written so poorly as to
not deem a response.  However, I will try again.  I added in the patch for
timed sinkable items.
so in limits.c I added:
    if(SECT(i->in_room) == SECT_WATER_NOSWIM && !has_boat(i)) {
    act("$n thrashes about in the water straining to stay afloat.", FALSE,
i, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);

okay based on this piece of code I was under the impression that it checks
the SECTOR variable for each individual room looking to see if it is
water_noswim.  However when i actually set a room to sect_water_noswim and
stand in a room next
to it which is set as INSIDE, I receive the drowning messages.  So my
question is
does setting a room to a certain sector type actually set the entire zone?
I didnt think it
did and think there might be a minor bug, but I dont know for sure.

My other question is I wanted to add a new attack type instead of using
TYPE_SUFFERING, I added a new flag called TYPE_DROWNING, but where do i put
the messages?  I looked for them, and I know it must be real simple.  Anyway
ahead of time for any input you may have to either one of my questions.


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