Re: Races?

From: Davidson, Christopher M (Christopher.Davidson@PSS.BOEING.COM)
Date: 01/20/98

> >No, there is not a simple, easy thing that you can do to add races.
> Yes,
> >you can spend some time thinking about it and DOING it yourself. If
> you
> >don't like coding, then I would suggest sticking with playing things
> like
> >Diablo. You know... Things that require no thought or intelligence to
> play.
> Yeah.  I can understand getting patches for things like color, but
> your
> races should be something that YOU do and not someone else.  I'll help
> you
> find a good starting spot, but Im coding not yer damned mud ye who be
> the
      sea of non codingness!

If it appears that I'm asking you to code my mud for me, I'm not.  I
probably wouldn't like the end result anyway.  All I'm asking for is
something to look at as an example, so I can figure out how to implement
it myself.
Chris Davidson
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