divided damage

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 01/21/98

I was just going thru my WAY backed-up mailbox and saw someone's elemental
post.  This spurred me to write everyone here about a little puzzle I
I have in my mud types of damage, very similar to elemental stuff: fire,
cold, electricity, poison, and just general damage.  I have it
bit-vectored, so damage could be both fire and electric, or cold and
poisoned, or something like that.  Problem comes around when I come to my
resist _blank_ damage and _blank_ immunity code.  If an attack has
multiple qualities to it, but one damage call, how would I reduce a
portion of the damage?
If I am not making sense, let's say I'm in a fight against someone with a
flaming sword.  The item "flaming sword" has both bits for fire and
general damage, and has a 3d8 damage roll.  But I have fire resistance at
75%; currently, the resistance code will--upon a successfull roll--reduce
damage from a total 3d8 roll, even though some of the damage is due to the
hard steel hitting my head, which fire resistance has nothing to do with!


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