Re: [CODE] problem porting to solaris x86..

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 01/21/98

On Wednesday, January 21, 1998 2:45 AM, some git...
[SMTP:smash@RED.GOLD.NET.AU] wrote:
> Hi all, i was offered a site for my mud the other day, but unfortunately
> it is running Solaris x86, and i have been doing all my code on Linux.
> Having never had to reconfigure cicle before, i have no idea where to
> start.. i have added a few patches, snippets, etc and my own code.. re
> running configure gives me the stock circle makefile again :(
> What is the proper procedure to go about fixing it?  Or alternatively,
> does anybody know the changes required so i can do it by hand?
> attached is the errors i get when trying to compile on solaris with my
> existing config... dies right at the end during linking..
Not being a unix expert I use the following routine when I've had to change
in the past.

1) Install stock circle on the target machine. Run Configure, make sure it
all works.

2) Copy your mud to a different directory. Copy conf.h and sysdep.h from step
1 to
    the directory you have your mud in.

3) Look at the makefile from both and integrate the changes.

4) Fire up your mud and enjoy :-)


Neither sweat, nor blood, nor frustration, nor lousy manuals
nor missing parts, nor wrong parts shall keep me from my task.
  --Christopher Hicks

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