Re: SPCC & Guild of Implementors

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 01/21/98

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Jory Graham wrote:
> OK folks...why don't the people who said this would be a great idea all
> e-mail me your mud addresses.  I -really- want to see all these
> origional ideas.  I always love playing those kinds of muds.  Although i

I am all for originallity; but I can't give you my addy.  As someone said
earlier, there are those that have a stock mud up while they work on it,
and those that just wait.  I have a stock mud running at my site, so that
some people will get used to the addy and will be there for the BIG
surprise, and so that any code vs system problems might be worked out
before it actually interferes with the real mud.  So, when it's up, you
can have the addy.

> will say Just because it is origional doesnt mean it is fun.  There are
> a few muds that are plain out origional with no stock whatsoever, but
> your interest is lost after about 20 minutes.  What good is a mud that
> is boring?  Instead of rating muds on their origionality (sp?) why not
> rate them on their playability and replay value?  Heck, one of the most
> fun muds i have ever played was 1/2 stock.  Why? because the
> implementers made the game exciting to play.  Think about it.

Why?  How the hell do you suggest rating playability?  And replay?  I see
that one just widening the gap between good muds and bads, eliminating the
middle.  If replay would be judged, let's say, by how many times you can
play, just choosing a different character class, and have a different
experience; by how often new areas, skill, etc are submitted and added...
Those muds with a few hard working builders are going to become more
popular thru the references of the list, and those that are trying to get
a good builder will suddenly find it even harder to get one.  Builders
like to see their work appreciated, so they'll start going to the more
populated muds.  I just see a problem with this.


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